Firmware web updater

[1/4] Connect device

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[2/4] Reboot the device

Device has been selected.

Device firmware version is

Available firmware version is

Your device is in application mode, which means you can use it now. If you want to update device firmware, please click button below.

Your device is in bootloader mode, which means you must update the device firmware in order to return it to fully operatable mode.

Please click start the button below to start updating the firmware.

[3/4] Write device firmware

Your device is in bootloader mode now and is ready to update the firmware.

Please click button below to connect to the device and start writing firmware.

[4/4] Confirm boot

Firmware has been updated and device has been restarted.

Please click button below to connect the device and finalize firmware upgrade.

Please do not turn off your device at this moment because it will bring it back to bootloader mode.


Your device has been updated. It is safe now to turn it off.

Please turn it off and turn it on again before using it.